Need an Immunity Boost? Have an Orgasm!

Posted by Satin Kiss on 4 15 2020

Need an Immunity Boost? Have an Orgasm!

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That's right, orgasms actually do help boost immunity!

Of course, there are other things to take into consideration and maintain, like:

Balanced Diet/Vitamins/Supplements


Access to Fresh Air and Sunshine

Mental Health and Wellness

...and so many other factors.

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However, what we don't often consider important sex and pleasure are in maintaining our health and wellness.

Orgasms, whether self-induced or experienced with a partner, has a positive influence on the body, and is highly correlated with the presence of hormones like:

Dopamine - associated with the pleasure response

Oxytocin - responsible for love and empathy

Serotonin - which powers signals between nerve cells, increases sexual desire, mood, sleep, digestion, and healthy bone and blood regeneration

Norepinephrine - helpful in maintaining a healthy sleep cycle, blood pressure and metabolizing fat


An orgasm creates favorable conditions for dopamine, oxytocin, serotonin and norepinephrine to increase and for cortisol to decrease.

Cortisol is the hormone associated with stress and anxiety, and often causes an increase in inflammation throughout the body.

Absent the presence of cortisol, and the increase of the other hormones, the body produces a higher number of white blood cells, experiences more regenerative sleep, creates overall balance in bodily functions, and is therefore better suited to fend off infection.

What better way to ease stress whether quarantined alone or with your significant other!

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